What is Motif.Haus?

What is Motif.Haus?

motif.haus aims to shine a spotlight on deserving artists, not just through social media features but now also via articles and interviews.

motif.haus, initially an Instagram inspiration page for designers founded by Czech artist Vrati Pecka, also known as PosterLad, in 2020, has evolved into something greater over the years. With its growing audience, the project's ambitions have expanded as well. Now, Vrati not only shares amazing work from other artists on Motif.Haus' Instagram but also conducts interviews with them.

Moreover, Motif.Haus has become a platform to share PosterLad's digital assets with other creatives. Currently, the Shop section offers Shape Packs, Mockups, Printable Art, and Wallpapers, but there are even bigger plans for the future.

Stay tuned and have a great day!

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